Cheer’s to that!

So this would be my second WordPress blog… I decided a I needed a space dedicated to my one and only true love! No, not Tinie Tempah, nor men or money- fashion. Afterall clothing, shoes and accessories can’t argue back, break your heart, eat that cake from the fridge you’ve been waiting to indulge all day, disown you for a newer model, tell you your own opinions incorrect… Treat them right and they’ll return the favour!

Ever since a little girl my interest in fashion has been dominant, most kids at the age of 14 were on msn or down the park being ‘cool’, I was at home tirelessly reading though the latest editions of Vogue, Harper’s, Elle, Tatler and Glamour. I must have been just 9 when I found the fashion channel on my Dad’s TV (very upset that no longer seems to exist by the way!), lets just say he enjoyed my visits even less when he had no choice but to view endless hours of catwalk footage!

Fashion to me is an escape, I can honestly say I am at my happiest when surrounded by beautiful things, and that one weekend a month, just after payday – the one where I spend money I don’t have on investing in my ever-growing wardrobe, is the one week I look forward to the most. I can re-invent myself every time I create a new outfit, I have the ability to elongate my legs, slim my stomach, complement my skin tone all by understanding the reflection staring back at me in the mirror and knowing how to dress it. The buzz I get off of seeing one item in a shop and instantly creating the entire look, to me, is like no other… I’ve done drugs, I drink way too much and indulge in several other guilty pleasures but none can compare to the satisfaction I get from fashion.

If I could win the lottery tomorrow the first thing I would do is open my own boutique, think Cricket meets American Apparel, Whistles meets Topshop Unique. The freedom to fill an entire store myself for others to enjoy is my idea of the dream job, shopping is not just about going into a store picking up the first thing you see and escaping as soon as possible with a sigh of relief, it’ s an experience, one I would love to provide others with so they could truly appreciate and look forward to their much-needed  retail trip.

Fashion to me is about being able to me mix the old with the new, my style involves merging classic and edgy to create something new. Some people look at how I dress and just don’t understand it, some things may clash a little others may just be slightly too extreme for the average ‘plain Jane’s’ wardrobe, but I dress for me, and only me.

Feeling confident in what I wear is a lot more important than feeling comfortable!


About SmudgeLove

My ex boyfriend called me smudge...My fake tan used to run in the rain- Not too attractive, these days it seems to be mascara streaming down my face... I will marry Tinie Tempah- Adele and Nicki Minaj are my idols! I fuck up a lot, Break people's hearts, Cry at almost everything, Try to be a cold heared bitch but fail miserable && Dont really give a fuck!

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