Stuck in a style rut?

So recently Jameela has been criticized for being in a ‘style rut’ her response ‘What’s wrong with favouring a dress shape?.. Many women have a distorted view of what constitutes stylish. They think wearing the latest trend, regardless of whether it suits their shape, demonstrates true style sensibility’. So to sum it up people have been throwing criticism Jameela’s recent fashion behaviour because she happens to prefer a certain style that appeared to be ‘in’ last season. Consequently she became am overnight style icon, when in fact she was just doing her! And since the catwalk’s have been spitting out tailoring and slouchy knitwear left right and centre she’s been criticized for not ditching the sense of style she’s found suits her for something unflattering, uncomfortable yet ‘on trend.’ Logical?

So how do you dress, are you a fickle fashion victim? Endlessly stalking the style updates to ensure your next retail session involves you picking up one of every trend? Or do you not care? Have you found that one style, be it edgy, classic or just I don’t give a f*ck that suits you?! Is there ever a happy medium? Can you truly stay consistently on trend and look good? We all know that sometimes the outfits they send down the runway and capture in the editorials are not going to be the enables you board the bus to work on in the morning in!  Hate it or not in real life there has to be a certain amount of practicality in fashion. For the best part of society we do in fact have jobs to attend, shopping to do and houses to clean, and it’s not always possible to do so in velvet 6 inch heals, shiny tailored jackets and a leather skirt (can you imagine, oh the horror!) 

I personally find each season I choose one or two key trends that I can merge into my own individual style. Fashion to me is about making yourself look and feel fantastic, I wouldn’t leave my front door in anything that did not achieve those two objective whether it was featured in Vogue a week previous or not! Maybe its principle, maybe it’s that fear of being judged, or maybe I just know how to dress for me! Point is I don’t blame Jameela for hitting back at claims she’s lost her fashion mojo, if she always looks good and feels great who are we to judge?


About SmudgeLove

My ex boyfriend called me smudge...My fake tan used to run in the rain- Not too attractive, these days it seems to be mascara streaming down my face... I will marry Tinie Tempah- Adele and Nicki Minaj are my idols! I fuck up a lot, Break people's hearts, Cry at almost everything, Try to be a cold heared bitch but fail miserable && Dont really give a fuck!

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