Online heaven!

This is a little gem I stumbled across courtesy of an articale on asos,com. Now personally I can’t afford to purchase more than one item at a time on this site as most merchandise is of a designer brand and price but it is refreshing to see a more personal take on the average high end online store.

Coggles stocks clothing from a wide range of designer brands, those we all know and love such as Lulu Guiness, Joseph, Paul Smith, Ugg and Wild Fox, and some most won’t be familiar with- yet surprisingly equally alluring. Emily and Finn incorporates highstreet prices with individual style, not all the garments are breath-takingly beautiful, but for the price some are well worth a trip to your shopping bag! Won Hundred specialises in  stunning printed shift dresses perfect for that day to night transformation all working women are in need of, and Bolongaro Trever channels ‘All Saints’s’ edgy vibe translated into both casual slouch and tailored work wear.

Coggle’s is taking fashion and turning into a fashionable lifestyle, other features of the site include vintage buys- it’s not all out with the old and in with new with site, their appreciation of style overrides the consumer need of all fashion victims looking for the latest items stepping off the runway. They also have ‘The wall’ an element where shoppers can send photo’s into the site demonstrating both their life and flair for fashion, along with their personal blog entering the site can almost turn into a leisurely browse of all things artistic.

I must confess I’ve been looking for a new online destination to spend hours endlessly trailing through their merchandise and I’m pleased as entered my PC screen, it’s not very often you find an online retailer trying to make shopping a personal experience!

Oh and P.S the sale on the site offers some serious reductions! ♥♥♥♥


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My ex boyfriend called me smudge...My fake tan used to run in the rain- Not too attractive, these days it seems to be mascara streaming down my face... I will marry Tinie Tempah- Adele and Nicki Minaj are my idols! I fuck up a lot, Break people's hearts, Cry at almost everything, Try to be a cold heared bitch but fail miserable && Dont really give a fuck!

2 responses to “Online heaven!

  1. Angelina jolie looks bad but she’s not..nicki minaj is the real definition of a bad girl..then after her ME. *tongueout*

  2. Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!

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