Santa Baby

So we’ve entered that magical month of December yet again, as always my imagination is running wild and the countdown for presents has began… PRESENTS! 
So the festive period may be a little bit lost on myself, Christmas is supposed to be all about appriciating the things we have but I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m most excited by the increased alcohol intake, few days off of work and of course the gifts!
When December comes the wish list comes out, after all Santa Claus is a busy man so I have to get in there early! Consequently I callaberated a few ‘hmmmm I WANT’ items together just for ideas! 
From left to right- Boots Aldo 59.99, Dress River Island 45.00, Head phones, Marc Jacobs at 28.00, Vogue the ocvers at 33.00, Tinie Tempah the Story so Far 6.99, Calvin klein flanell PJ pants 34.00, Bracelet Thomas Sabo 29.95,  Moschino large leopard tote- Reduced from 175 to 140 on House of Fraser- Only 4 left!  157.50 on, Cape Vera Moda at House of Fraser 66.00  
I’m pretty easy to shop for to be honest, anything I can wear and probably couldn’t save for! Things I love but are’nt priority! 

About SmudgeLove

My ex boyfriend called me smudge...My fake tan used to run in the rain- Not too attractive, these days it seems to be mascara streaming down my face... I will marry Tinie Tempah- Adele and Nicki Minaj are my idols! I fuck up a lot, Break people's hearts, Cry at almost everything, Try to be a cold heared bitch but fail miserable && Dont really give a fuck!

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