Reality Style

2011 has undoubtedly been the year of reality TV, no longer does the likes of Big Brother suffice our need to indulge in other people’s lives, we require a story, a plot and consequently a drama to follow in order to relate and value real life and real people supposedly going about their everyday business on our very own TV screens. The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Desperate Scousewives and Geordie Shaw saw ITV, E4 and MTV battle it out to be crowned realities number one station. Meanwhile the cast have gone about turning themselves into a national brand, both Amy Childs and Mark Wright have branched out and left their roots to pursue bigger and better things, Joey Essex’s statement word ‘REEM’ inspired a song and an endless amount of slogan embellished merchandise and Lauren Goodyear now has her own successful beauty line, encouraging young girls to turn a similar shade of orange!  It all began with  the vajazzle, followed by the ladylike term of ‘Tashing on’ from those addictive ‘no angels of the north’ and now we’ve see the arrival of the ‘Scouse Brow,’ what weird and wonderful beauty treatment or lifestyle motto will appear next to capture the avid viewer‘s attention?   

The world seam’s to have fallen in love with MOC’s Caggie Dunlop’s quirky laid back style while the rest of the show’s fashion pack get equal coverage for their glammed up posh totty, teen angst style remedies. TOWIE’s own angels brought the all in onzie out of the house and down to the shops inspiring a nation to unfortunately follow suit. Unsurprisingly these well groomed and entertaining women are not only dominating out television screens but appearing in our glossies for best dressed too!  Each and everyone, whether best buds on the show or from rival stations are gunning to out do the other for the title queen or reality style!  

No doubt 2012 will see these fame hungry individuals pull some epically enviable ensembles out of the bag, influence a few more fashion trends and cause even more on screen drama. So as the plot thickens the debate continues, who’s your real life style icon? Which show is truly best dressed?… Extented article
Merry Christmas  .xO

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My ex boyfriend called me smudge...My fake tan used to run in the rain- Not too attractive, these days it seems to be mascara streaming down my face... I will marry Tinie Tempah- Adele and Nicki Minaj are my idols! I fuck up a lot, Break people's hearts, Cry at almost everything, Try to be a cold heared bitch but fail miserable && Dont really give a fuck!

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