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The Height of Fashion

Step out in style this spring, pastels, brights and neutrals have come together to create an array of seasonal footwear you won’t be able to resist. We may only be in January but brighten up your winter wardrobe with a touch of summer loving. Start your holiday romance early!
See the full article here… http://www.ownzee.com/post/2775/the-height-of-fashionSmudge .xo

Wedges are making an even bolder statement this spring/summer than previous seasons, seen on the perfectly pedicured feet of the models for Max Mara, Ralph Lauren and Mulberry the high street is already replicating their artistic design idea’s, step it up in style ladies!

Will you dare to be bold in brights or play it cool with pastels? Pick a side as fashion is about to divide, to colour block and pop or keep it sweet and sugary in a muted pallet.

Aldo have paired up with W Anderson, Preen and Mark Fast to produce an amazingly unique line it would be cruel to deprive your feet of!. Prices start from £125 per pair, how can put a price on shoe-heaven?

There in black and white

There in black and white by smudgelove
Sass Bide feather cocktail dress
$1,320 – net-a-porter.com
Alexander McQueen white dress
£885 – matchesfashion.com
Silk print dress

$455 – orlakiely.com
Rare Opulence tulle dress

$99 – theoutnet.com
Oasis black dress

$105 – oasis-stores.com
Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe booties

$1,312 – stylebop.com

Home Grown

Home-grown talent Jessie J couldn’t even wait for the New Year to unveil her new video ‘Domino’ to the world, as expected the English pop princess has produced another catchy, upbeat tune to take us into 2012 and as always the video has already sparked media attention and captured the interest of  all fashion conscious individuals looking to push the boundaries of style.

An act Jessie is seemingly attempting to achieve single handily as each appearance and music video sees her outfits get more daringly out there and individual, and this one is certainly no exception. 7 outfit changes later and we have a collage of colours, prints and fabrics all collated together to achieve four minutes of genius any fashion student would be inspired by.
Jessie J, Domino see the full video here or the full post here  http://www.ownzee.com/post/2696/home-grown

Its nice to see the further we enter the decade the more outlandish we are prepared to dress in order to express originality and seek attention. Celebrities and designers are working together to create a generation of females who feel secure enough to venture out in whatever the hell they please despite societies expectations and individuals misunderstanding of what fashion can truly purvey and inspire. 

Fashion’s Free Philosophy

When we browse through the rails of our favourite high street retailers the recognition of certain styles and patterns is not an uncommon thought. Regardless of whether you have never laid eyes on their new season’s collection nor stepped foot in the store before, that nagging recollection of design imprinted in your mind  cannot be ignored.  And then you remember, a flash of genius inspires your memory to recall that almost identical garment strutting down the Luella runway only a few weeks previous.
I have often wondered how mass produced rip off’s off limited edition designer-wear are still allowed, after all downloading music for free is illegal. The difference is fashion has no copyright protection, which consequently allows anyone to take an idea they have seen elsewhere and stick their name on it regardless of whether any alteration have been made or style adjusted. Dianne Von Furstenberg is the head of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and has been actively trying to achieve copyright protection for fashion designs, a notion continuously denied by retailers, and the reason stems from fashion houses themselves.
Fashion is an innovative industry that stays afloat by praying on style conscious individuals, consequently trends are continuously moving forward and evolving, and to generate a trend more than one designer must be channelling the same theme, style or texture for recognition to be achieved. You see designers steal ides off of each other, either from past collations or present showcases, they just use their own creative flair to adjust the original inspiration and avoid detection, after all the foundations of fashion are set in stone, can anyone really own a skirt or a jacket? The only factor which differentiates high-end retailers from affordable everyday sellers like H&M is that the high street looks to copy the styles seen on the runway while the designers look to develop them into their own creations for the approaching season.
‘Tom Ford’ stated after simple research that the reason the fashion industry continues to flourish regardless of the limited protection available is because each sector within caters for a different demographic. Now I’m unsure of just how basic this research was but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the same individual who is willing to pay over the odds for a signature Chanel handbag is not likely to buy a £50 look-a-like from Topshop regardless the similarities. And that is why the industry works so well, the different levels of society create the different levels of the fashion food chain, the people who can afford the likes of Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and Galliano will always pay to own the label in order to keep up with their social network, the rest of us will carry on appreciating the work and beauty of the garments we would ordinarily have to sell an arm and a leg to afford whilst shopping the trends generated from the catwalks on the high street.

Reality Style

2011 has undoubtedly been the year of reality TV, no longer does the likes of Big Brother suffice our need to indulge in other people’s lives, we require a story, a plot and consequently a drama to follow in order to relate and value real life and real people supposedly going about their everyday business on our very own TV screens. The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Desperate Scousewives and Geordie Shaw saw ITV, E4 and MTV battle it out to be crowned realities number one station. Meanwhile the cast have gone about turning themselves into a national brand, both Amy Childs and Mark Wright have branched out and left their roots to pursue bigger and better things, Joey Essex’s statement word ‘REEM’ inspired a song and an endless amount of slogan embellished merchandise and Lauren Goodyear now has her own successful beauty line, encouraging young girls to turn a similar shade of orange!  It all began with  the vajazzle, followed by the ladylike term of ‘Tashing on’ from those addictive ‘no angels of the north’ and now we’ve see the arrival of the ‘Scouse Brow,’ what weird and wonderful beauty treatment or lifestyle motto will appear next to capture the avid viewer‘s attention?   

The world seam’s to have fallen in love with MOC’s Caggie Dunlop’s quirky laid back style while the rest of the show’s fashion pack get equal coverage for their glammed up posh totty, teen angst style remedies. TOWIE’s own angels brought the all in onzie out of the house and down to the shops inspiring a nation to unfortunately follow suit. Unsurprisingly these well groomed and entertaining women are not only dominating out television screens but appearing in our glossies for best dressed too!  Each and everyone, whether best buds on the show or from rival stations are gunning to out do the other for the title queen or reality style!  

No doubt 2012 will see these fame hungry individuals pull some epically enviable ensembles out of the bag, influence a few more fashion trends and cause even more on screen drama. So as the plot thickens the debate continues, who’s your real life style icon? Which show is truly best dressed?

http://www.ownzee.com/posts/view/2669… Extented article
Merry Christmas  .xO

Smudge Yourself

So it probably looks like I have disappeared off of the edge of the world never to blog again, however I have in fact been undertaking a new project. http://www.ownzee.com/SmudgeLove
Ownzee is a blog like all the others out there but created to enhance visual effects, they look at their blogs as mini magazines… Not that I don’t love this and my parent blog to pieces but I needed to challenge my creative tendencies, ala Smudge! My very own digitalized fashion magazine (like there isn’t enough of those around right?!)… So take a look! All feedback is welcome and I’ll keep you update with future posts… Unless you HATEEE it!!
Smudge .xo

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