The Height of Fashion

Step out in style this spring, pastels, brights and neutrals have come together to create an array of seasonal footwear you won’t be able to resist. We may only be in January but brighten up your winter wardrobe with a touch of summer loving. Start your holiday romance early!
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Wedges are making an even bolder statement this spring/summer than previous seasons, seen on the perfectly pedicured feet of the models for Max Mara, Ralph Lauren and Mulberry the high street is already replicating their artistic design idea’s, step it up in style ladies!

Will you dare to be bold in brights or play it cool with pastels? Pick a side as fashion is about to divide, to colour block and pop or keep it sweet and sugary in a muted pallet.

Aldo have paired up with W Anderson, Preen and Mark Fast to produce an amazingly unique line it would be cruel to deprive your feet of!. Prices start from £125 per pair, how can put a price on shoe-heaven?


Smudge Yourself

So it probably looks like I have disappeared off of the edge of the world never to blog again, however I have in fact been undertaking a new project.
Ownzee is a blog like all the others out there but created to enhance visual effects, they look at their blogs as mini magazines… Not that I don’t love this and my parent blog to pieces but I needed to challenge my creative tendencies, ala Smudge! My very own digitalized fashion magazine (like there isn’t enough of those around right?!)… So take a look! All feedback is welcome and I’ll keep you update with future posts… Unless you HATEEE it!!
Smudge .xo

Santa Baby

So we’ve entered that magical month of December yet again, as always my imagination is running wild and the countdown for presents has began… PRESENTS! 
So the festive period may be a little bit lost on myself, Christmas is supposed to be all about appriciating the things we have but I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m most excited by the increased alcohol intake, few days off of work and of course the gifts!
When December comes the wish list comes out, after all Santa Claus is a busy man so I have to get in there early! Consequently I callaberated a few ‘hmmmm I WANT’ items together just for ideas! 
From left to right- Boots Aldo 59.99, Dress River Island 45.00, Head phones, Marc Jacobs at 28.00, Vogue the ocvers at 33.00, Tinie Tempah the Story so Far 6.99, Calvin klein flanell PJ pants 34.00, Bracelet Thomas Sabo 29.95,  Moschino large leopard tote- Reduced from 175 to 140 on House of Fraser- Only 4 left!  157.50 on, Cape Vera Moda at House of Fraser 66.00  
I’m pretty easy to shop for to be honest, anything I can wear and probably couldn’t save for! Things I love but are’nt priority! 

Christmas comes early! -Treat yourself!

H&M have introduced some key luxury brands to the high street over the past few years, and have paved the way for fellow retail chains to do the same. Thanks to the style savvy, purse friendly collaborations us normal people have been able to afford the likes of Stella McCartney, Giles Deacon, Lanvin and Jimmy Choo. And this Christmas Santa really has treated us as it’s Versace’s turn to hit the mass market- limited edition style of course! 
The collection, which will hit H&M’s stores mid November combines Versace’s cutting edge iconic design with the high street brand’s mass market appeal to create a truly unique and wearable compilation of clothing. Forget this season’s shades and trends its all about neon brights, oriental patterns and western tassels for this selection of pure genius! Interesting, I think so… But your going to have to be quick if your wanting a piece of the action, I predict a fashion riot ladies!
Oh and for the record if your out to make a few quick quid’s by re-selling the creations on eBay 3 days later, props for your business savvy money making skills but I frown upon your poor dedication to retail, your taking the principle of designer, high-street love making and destroying it by exploiting its attractive price and high demand! Boo you!!  

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

So as some of you will know my attempt at independent living has failed miserably and in less than two weeks I shall be returning back home to Mother hen. It’s taken me what feels like a lifetime to accept the inevitable, and although I’m still far from buzzing about the situation I am starting to come to terms with the entire situation.

So I’ve been considering room decoration, themes, storage and style. My main priority is determining how and where my endless supply of clothes, shoes, hats, bags, belts and all things fashion will live. So I’ve started to plan, creative juices are running and themes are running wild so I have come to the conclusion my living room will be transformed into a retail themed space, one that reflects my own personal stly and incorporates my existing furniture. Sadly I don’t possess the fund’s to revamp my entire collection of sofa’s and wardrobes so I have the enjoyable task of bringing them all together to realise my theme. I’m a little bit excited by this! Eeeek !!

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