Ten for under a tenner

So tomorrow marks the two week countdown to Christmas day, and if unlike myself you’ve been shopping savvy you should have acquired the majority of those large, ‘to die for’ preasents for those special loved ones… Looking around the hightstreet there’s tonnes of tiny trinkets that capture the festive spirit available this year, those things we all look at in the shop and ‘awww, how adorable’ at, but never actually purchase for ourselves as their deemed a waste of money.But this Christmas it’s the little things that count, those special personal touches that show just how well you know a person, so get personal for under a tenner, and fill up santa’s stocking!
Let’s hear it for the ladies!


Not for the faint hearted


“Where anyone who loves fashion, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion, to anyone who loves fashion, anywhere in the world.” Asos Marketplace isn’t as streamlined as your normal online shopping experience as the items placed on there are by the likes of you and me, but if you have the patience and perseverance there are some real gems hiding amongst the average. The easiest way to marketplace-it  unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, is by shopping the 301 boutiques the store has to offer, a mixture of vintage, independent and multi-brand from over 20 different countries- this way your eliminating some of the e-bay style sellers consequently placing yourself in a more fashion friendly environment your probably used to. By shopping boutique to boutique you’re allowing yourself to familiarize with the brand and form an opinion of the seller as all their merchandise is all under the same roof, if you have an ASOS account you  have the ability to follow your favourites and keep up to date with new stock, an essential if your planning on becoming a true market girl as the majority are one off‘s and you‘ll need to get in their quick!
You can join the Marketplace with a basic account for free where you have the ability to buy and sell unlimited items for a 10% sale and delivery fee, or for a £50 subscription and 15% commission you can run your very own online boutique. Ideal if you manage your own independent fashion line or are a vintage retailer as you’ll receive your own homepage, blog, account manager and enhanced visibility.
There really is something for everyone on site, and the idea enables ASOS as a brand to differentiate itself from other online fashion retailers, not only can they now safely say they cater for everyone’s wants and needs they’re also promoting up and coming talent across the world allowing our independent fashion industry to continue growing even with such economic difficulties. In appreciation I took my time to trawl through those 301 boutiques (I couldn’t brave the unorganised chaos of searching the 1000’s of women’s items through category) to pick out my favourite designs and boutiques to share with your good selves. Enjoy .x0
Established in March this year with 155 followers IBOO is a UK independent label vowing to change the world one bead at a time! One off size 8 uber cute dresses with some edgy exceptions appear to be their speciality.
Dating back to 2005 Miss Milne is another UK-based independent label, who pride themselves on designing clothing for Women who are constantly evolving and have the power to hold a stare. A definite must see if your adamant on standing out from the crowd as you‘ll be the only woman sporting their style for miles! 
Never Full Dressed
Never fully dressed has over 630 followers and 120 items for sale so it’s not surprised their one of the market place’s much loved independent designers. Established in 2009 the girls are inspired by “mum, music, mood, money, movies, and MERRIMENT” and believe you are never fully dressed without a smile.
A vintage fashion house with a brand focus of fun fashion inspired by the Wizard of Oz. Created in 2010 the boutique already has over 300 followers and a large variety of male and female style bringing vintage bang up to date. An accessible way to shop the past!

Bringing Out the Best of Britain-
From left to right- IBOO Faux fur and leather dress £50, IBOO Leopard metallic mini £32, IBOO Lace heart dress £40, IBOO Silver shell T £60. MISSMILNE Tous les garcon dress £62, MISSMILNE Maxi petal skirt £56, MISSMILNE Wings of desire dress £70. NEVER FULLY DRESSED Charity live T’s £36, NEVER FULLY DRESSED Red shirt frank frock £49, NEVER FULLY DRESSED Leopard pannel boyfriend shirt £49, NEVER FULLY DRESSED Jadles pearl cuff £59. DOROTHY’S WARDROBE velvet and lace tunic £40, DOROTHY’S WARDROBE Leopard print mini skirt £25, DOROTHY’S WARDROBE Oversized leopard print shirt £25, DOROTHY’S WARDROBE Polka dot sheer shirt £22 and Checked high waisted mini skirt £25

Santa Baby

So we’ve entered that magical month of December yet again, as always my imagination is running wild and the countdown for presents has began… PRESENTS! 
So the festive period may be a little bit lost on myself, Christmas is supposed to be all about appriciating the things we have but I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m most excited by the increased alcohol intake, few days off of work and of course the gifts!
When December comes the wish list comes out, after all Santa Claus is a busy man so I have to get in there early! Consequently I callaberated a few ‘hmmmm I WANT’ items together just for ideas! 
From left to right- Boots Aldo 59.99, Dress River Island 45.00, Head phones, Marc Jacobs at Shopbop.com 28.00, Vogue the ocvers at Shopbop.com 33.00, Tinie Tempah the Story so Far 6.99 Amazon.com, Calvin klein flanell PJ pants 34.00, Bracelet Thomas Sabo 29.95,  Moschino large leopard tote- Reduced from 175 to 140 on House of Fraser- Only 4 left!  157.50 on boros.co.uk, Cape Vera Moda at House of Fraser 66.00  
I’m pretty easy to shop for to be honest, anything I can wear and probably couldn’t save for! Things I love but are’nt priority! 

The Versatile Blogger award

So I’m ashamed to say that this blog does take a back seat to my main page smudgelove.wordpress.com, I guess when I have so much going on in my real life it’s a lot easier to rant endlessly about personal experiences rather than weekly trend updates. I’m sorry! Bad blogger.

However I was pleased and equally surprised when  received the Versatile Blogger Awards from http://signaturealamode.com/, In all honesty since Smudge Love Fashion evolved as an individual from its parent blog I’ve only managed to grace the page with 11 posts… Boo me!

Right so onto the ermmm interesting part?!.

  1. I get real retail withdrawal symptoms after going around 14 days without purchasing any new piece of clothing or accessory.
  2. The Duchess is my favorite film and still brings me to tears even after viewing it over 15 times!
  3. I refuse to dress for winter until snow hits the ground. Spring/Summer wardrobes are just so much more refreshing!
  4. If I won the lottery one of the first things I would do is open up a clothing boutique, rapidly turning into a well-known, individual retail chain across the country!
  5. I wish I was a more creative and inspired soul… At the moment it seems my mind is consumed with personal problems… Totally to blame for blocking my creative flow! 
  6. I have a bin and a box full of belts! 
  7. I just want to be happy!

Fantasy Shopping

Every now and again, when pay day is in the foreseeable future so my shopping funds have been have been and gone, to conquer withdrawal symptoms I go on a fantasy shop.
Fantasy shop- when one visits online retail sites selling merchandise at prices unaffordable based on ones annual salary. So instead said individual pretends she had won the lottery or found a very rich and very generous man to sweep her off her feet and launch her into a society filled with chauffer driven cars, charity dinners and endless shopping, consequently filling the virtual shopping bag with everything her hear desires.
So call me a dreamer, my lavish taste has always surpassed my bank balance so don’t judge me for fantasizing, I also like to pretend I‘m a solid size six rather than continuously darting between two, just to add that little but more of wishful thinking! This weeks dream shopping destination is Shopbop.com… A website I haven’t visited for a while, recently I have been trying to keep my fantasy shops to locations I have a hope in hell of purchasing at least a few items tossed in the full to capacity shopping bag when pay day arises!  But I was feeling creative, and it’s rare to find a site supplying designer garments with an edge, so when someone decides I deserve a gifted deposit of over 10k to invest in my wardrobe this site will be the destination I chose to blow it all in!  
The range is extremely versatile and also very large, the brands- some common others unexpected and unknown genius, the models are real sized women (I’d like to think I’m smaller than most of them) and the prices range is evenly distributed along the pay scales. You’ll be pleased to know that some not every item on there is at Herve Lerger’s £1000 per body con dress!
Oh yeah, 48 items later and over an hour and a half of browing I’ve worn myself out and need a long relaxing bath. Genius!

Three Floor

Whilst flicking through the pages of Look magazine I stumbled upon their online store suggestion… Three Floor. If I was to sum this online retail space up in one phrase it would be… Trying too hard.
The site is well put together, especially for a newcomer to an ever-growing dog-eat-dog market and the merchandise well designed my only criticism would be their garments have been designed with edge, urban appeal- wait for it! Despite this because the collection is so small the individual quality feels forced- it becomes almost boring to view and predictable after page two.
Price wise, think slightly more expensive than Topshop butless than their major independent competitors, so it‘s not necessary to break the bank in order to leave the house in an outfit unlikely to be worn elsewhere! Three floor could be one to watch, with the right marketing and a more versatile range I can see them following in the footsteps of Urban Outfitters, they too are a fan of geometric prints, simple statements with pastel shades and edgy silhouettes. The label just lacks a stylish direction, it’s as if they have taken all major trends this season and next and attempted to work them into one collection,  despite this individually speaking some pieces are very wearable and attractive to the eye!
It’s worth a view!  ♥♥♥

What really defines style?

It’s difficult to open a glossy magazine these days without the likes of Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Emma Watson or some other young ‘hot’ thing looking rather dishevelled, gracing the page. I don’t know any best dressed list of 2011 not containing said women- they appear to be marketed as my own generation’s style icons, alongside the stereotypical Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham it’s difficult not to believe the world has gone slightly mad.
Of course this is just my own personal opinion, each individual has their own take on what defines style. To me anyone can look good in a floor length designer gown hand picked by your own stylists for a red carpet event, it’s what each individual wears off duty that should identify them as a truly inspirational dresser.  
Lets take the likes of Alexa Chung for example, ripped from the set of T4 as a chirpy, predictable teenage tv presenter, and transported to front row seats at Chanel’s couture catwalk. But why? Everything screams average when taking in the Chung brand image. Straggly hair, plain features, with garments thrown onto not much more than just skin and bones- the fashion industry is supposedly taking a stand against abnormally thin modes yet Vera Moda sign her up as their autumn/winter representative. Maybe Alexa just doesn’t dress to compliment her tiny frame, after all the majority in what she’s snapped in looks four sizes to big for her and demonstrates a tent effect – yet apparently that’s an inspiration look we all admire! The same goes for Fearne Cotton, does she ever look like she hasn’t just rolled out of bed and in front of the camera, unless it’s for a shoot and she’s been specifically styled for?
Maybe I just have a conservative view on fashion, I’m inspired by Olivia Palermo, Adele and Leighton Meister‘s preppy well put together outfits designed to flatter the figure and compliment colours. Mix it up with a bit of Nicole Ritchie and Marina Diamonds quirkiness and you have the definition of my entire wardrobe. I could exit my house looking an entire mess but it will still always be a well but together and thought through mess! My ranting demonstrates me as a boring dresser, when in fact I know a lot of people don’t understand some of the creations I venture out of the house in. I like to push boundaries and explore trends, sometimes I’ll admit it get it wrong and look borderline ridiculous but other’s I’m pleased I can take an adventurous perspective on fashion as it enables me to discover a whole knew me from time to time!
Each individual has their own take on what defines style, some I just don’t understand and consequently disagree with!

Christmas comes early! -Treat yourself!

H&M have introduced some key luxury brands to the high street over the past few years, and have paved the way for fellow retail chains to do the same. Thanks to the style savvy, purse friendly collaborations us normal people have been able to afford the likes of Stella McCartney, Giles Deacon, Lanvin and Jimmy Choo. And this Christmas Santa really has treated us as it’s Versace’s turn to hit the mass market- limited edition style of course! 
The collection, which will hit H&M’s stores mid November combines Versace’s cutting edge iconic design with the high street brand’s mass market appeal to create a truly unique and wearable compilation of clothing. Forget this season’s shades and trends its all about neon brights, oriental patterns and western tassels for this selection of pure genius! Interesting, I think so… But your going to have to be quick if your wanting a piece of the action, I predict a fashion riot ladies!
Oh and for the record if your out to make a few quick quid’s by re-selling the creations on eBay 3 days later, props for your business savvy money making skills but I frown upon your poor dedication to retail, your taking the principle of designer, high-street love making and destroying it by exploiting its attractive price and high demand! Boo you!!  

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